Frankston East Primary School promotes itself as an 'Established school with modern ideas, based on traditional values'. Its programs are designed to prepare students to respond favourably to opportunities presented to them in a modern society. It is seen within the community to be a friendly, family oriented school providing student and family support. The school maintains a high focus on structuring differentiated learning programs to cater for the individual learning needs of all students.

All key learning areas are provided for, with specialist programs in Art, LOTE Japanese, Music, Science and Physical Education. The school is proud of its ICT development with Interactive Whiteboards and access to netbook computers and iPads in each learning space. Our Music Program is an area of pride for Frankston East. A school band and choir perform regularly throughout the year and at the Frankston East Annual Student Theatre (FEAST) at the George Jenkins Theatre in Term 3.


Student welfare is an important issue underpinning all school programs. An Engagement/Connectedness teacher implements a program with all children from P-6 covering social skills and attitudes through exposure to game situations.

Our Early Learning Centre provides us with creative and flexible learning spaces where students can be taught in flexible learning groups to cater for individual learning needs and where social interaction may be promoted.